Epicuren - Body - Exfoliants

Cinnamon Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub

- An indulging experience, this natural blend of brown sugar and honey has
excellent humectant properties that soften and smooth the skin.
- Combined with the light aroma of vanilla and cinnamon, this scrub is a treat for
all of the senses.

Mandarin Orange Body Scrub

- With its fine and natural properties, this cleaning scrub is perfect for sensitive skin.
- This extra smooth scrub deep cleans and exfoliates, while remaining gentle and

Old World Salt Body Scrub

- A sea salt base blended with the finest moisturizing oils and rich essential oils.
- Offers an aromatic, nut-free exfoliation that will leave the body luxurious silky.

Papaya Pineapple Grape Seed Body Scrub

- An invigorating scrub formulated with antioxidant rich grape seeds to slough off
unwanted dry or dead skin cells while papaya and pineapple extracts thoroughly
exfoliate the body.
- Contains high-quality moisturizing oils which will leave the skin feeling soft and smooth.

Pumpkin Apple Spice Peel

This natural, exfoliating peel contains know age-fighting ingredients, such as Vitamin A,
along with hundreds of other vitamins and phyto-nutrients. With continued use, results
may include:
- Encourages cell turnover and renewal
- Exfoliates and refined skin
- Reduces appearance of pore size
- Normalizes oil production
- Fights free radical damage
Skin Types:
* Acneic * Dry * Aging
* Normal * Sensitive * Oily

Tri-Crystal Micro-Derm Body Scrub

- Effectively sloughs off unwanted dry and dead skin cells, leaving the skin appearing
perfectly smooth, noticeably bright, and delightfully refined.
- Enhanced with silica for its characteristically soft, post exfoliation moisture.