Epicuren - Face - Enzyme Complex

Enzyme Concentrate Vitamin Protein Complex

- Our exclusive Metadermabolic Enzyme, the core of the Epicuren line.
- A highly concentrated liquid, rich in vitamins and protein nutrients, that dramatically
helps to improve the appearance of skin elasticity, color tone, and overall health of
the skin.

Skin Types:
* Aging * Normal * Dry
* Oily

Gel Plus Enzyme Protein Gel

- A protein enzyme gel that melts into the skin using the skins natural temperature,
helping to seal the Enzyme Concentrate.
- Gel Plus helps the skin look more firm by reducing the appearance of fine lines and

Skin Types:
* Aging * Normal * Dry
* Oily

Protein Mist Enzyme Activated Toner

- An enzyme protein toner that balances, hydrates, and refreshes the skin.
- When used throughout the day, Protein Mist reactivates the enzymes from other
Epicuren enzyme-enriched products.

Skin Types:
* Aging * Normal * Dry
* Oily * sensitive

Skin Conditioner Enzyme Protein Toner

- An invigorating enzyme activated toner that balances the skins PH while maximizing
its ability to receive Enzyme Concentrate and specialty products.