Epicuren - Face - Cleansers

Apricot Cream Cleanser

- A thick, creamy cleanser that gently removes dirt, oil, and makeup.
- A gentle makeup remover that is mild enough to use on the eye area.

Skin Types:
* Aging * Normal * Dry

Citrus Herbal Cleanser

- An aromatic, foaming cleanser that thoroughly cleanses while dissolving excess oil.
- Features mild, natural surfactants without sulfates.

Skin Types:
* Normal * Oily

Clarify Cleanser

- Mildly exfoliating cleanser will gently purify the pores, leaving your skin silky smooth.

Skin Types:
* Acneic * Oily * Normal

Crystal Clear Make-up Remover Gel

- Fragrance free gel that easily removes makeup without burning or irritating the skin
or eye area.
- Nourishes and strengthens the eyelashes.

Skin Types:
* Acneic * Dry * Aging
* Normal * Sensitive * Oily

Gelle Cleanser

- A deep cleansing, foaming face and body cleanser.
- Inhibits excessive oil production.

Skin Types:
* Oily

Herbal Cleanser

- Gentle, foaming cleanser that will not strip the skin.
- Features mild natural surfactants without sulfates.

Skin Types:
* Aging * Normal * Dry
* Sensitive

Milk Cleanser

- Extremely mild cleanser that effectively removes impurities while soothing the skin.
- Gentle enough to use on particularly sensitive skin types.

Skin Types:
* Sensitive

Smoothest Shave Cream

- The smoothest shave awaits you. Designed to work with your razor, this cream uses
select ingredients to give you the closest possible shave, while lubricants help the razor
glide seamlessly across your skin. A gentle shave cream that reduces the possibility of
razor burn and irritation.