Epicuren - Body - Specialty

Aloe Vera Calming Gel

- Made from the purest, whole leaf of the Aloe Vera plant, this gentle blend contains
an array of soothing ingredients that lightly hydrate while promoting cellular calming.
Skin Types:
* Acneic * Dry * Aging
* Normal * Sensitive * Oily

Brazilian Propolis Lotion

- A light lotion naturally rich in vitamins, key amino acids, minerals, bioflavonoids, and
micronutrients that help boost the skins immune function, promoting healthier skin.
Skin Types:
* Normal * Sensitive * Oily

Espresso Limon Slimming Body Oil

- Embrace your body with this pure, potent, and effective oil. Coffee, know for its detoxifying
and firming effects, is infused with hints of Italian Lemon and Morrocan Cinnamon to
further purify and tone your body.
- The antioxidant rich Grape Seed Oil base will nurture your skin while the entire formula
greatly diminishes the look of cellulite, making your skin appear firm and tight.

This oil is recommended to be used in conjunction with Epicuren Euro Dual Action Body Brushing

Herbal Liniment

- An all-natural, holistic herbal blend formulated as a stimulating, deep heating toner
that helps relieve the feeling of muscle aches.
- Unlike other liniments, it does not overheat or irritate and is gentle to the skin.

Noni Herbal Elixir

- Lightweight, oil-free gel combines antioxidant-rich noni juice with pure aloe vera gel
to give the skin excellent tone and a fresh glow.
- Calming formulation is great for sensitive and/or problematic skin. Also relieves the
symptoms of sunburn and windburn.
Skin Types:
* Acneic * Dry * Aging
* Normal * Sensitive * Oily

Protein Mist Enzyme Activated Toner

- An enzyme protein toner that balances, hydrates, and refreshes the skin.
- When used throughout the day, Protein Mist reactivates the enzymes from other
Epicurent enzyme-enriched products.
* Aging * Normal * Dry
* Oily * Sensitive

Relief Arnica Cream

- Designed to assist in post-exercise muscle relaxation, this lotion helps relieve the
feeling of a tense, sore body.
- The invigorating aroma is energizing and revitalizing.