About Crystal Clear Skin Whitening Cream

Treatment Of Pigmentation And Dark Spots

What exactly pigmentation is? Pigmentation is where patches of skin become darker in color than normal and healthy skin. Ageing can take in many different forms.You may not be experiencing lines or wrinkles but you may however, have noticed uneven skin tone here and there. By uneven skin tone we mean brown patches, also referred to as ageing dark spots on your face or your hands too. These spots are precisely what we call pigmentation.

Until recent years, pigmentation was known as one of the hardest skin conditions to treat! People would usual resort to lasers which is admittedly can be a good option. However, they can be expensive and requiring repeat sessions and usually involve quite a lot of down-time!

Crystal Clear Skin Whitening And Lighting Cream

DO NOT WORRY. We are now presenting you a super-star cream in whitening and lighting skin, treatment for pigmentation and also melasma treatments – CRYSTAL CLEAR SKIN CLARITY CREAM. Specialized for the treatment of Melasma, pigmentation of a melanic origin and dark spots! Definitely a good news and a new hope for those who have long suffered problems from varying degrees of melisma.

Depigmentation Cream

The Crystal Clear Skin Clarity Cream is a remarkable depigmentation cream that can treat all skin types. It was specifically created to correct our stubborn skin spots and imperfections of a melanic origin. Its secret lies on its specific formula that inhibits the enzyme mechanism responsible for the production of melanin.

By applying Crystal Clear continuously, patients successfully achieve an eradication of the existing spots but can also prevent the formation of new melanin spots. Crystal Clear improves all skin types, and even the most stubborn skin conditions can be improved by up to 50% percent.

The best way of using Crystal Clear Skin Clarity Cream is in conjunction with the Crystal Tomato supplement. By adding the cream to the daily supplement, you are guaranteed with a quicker, better and longer pigmentation improvements. Visible and amazing results will be shown to patients who suffering from stubborn melisma and pigmentation with the combination of two products, and most importantly, it is safe. Indeed, the cream's main active ingredient is Tyrosinase inhibitor complex does not contain any harsh or toxic compound. It is always safe for patients.

Benefits Of Crystal Clear Skin Whitenling Cream

In a recent clinical trial that includes a combined therapy (Crystal Tomato supplement + Crystal Clear Skin Clarity Cream) conducted by the National Skin Centre Singaporean melasma patients, 76.5% of them benefited more than 25% of improvements after 56 days. After 84 days, 53% of them showed more than 50% improvements in the MASI (Melasma Area Severity Index) scores.  What's more exciting is that 95% of patients tested had previously been unable to attain the desired outcome despite  being treated with the industry 'gold standard' triple therapy.

In order to have a more effective result, please make sure to apply Crystal Clear Skin Clarity Cream twice a day (morning and night) after your skin has been cleansed. Gently massage the cream into your skin all over your face with your fingertips, until it has been completely absorbed. A gentle reminder, you should focus on the area most affected by pigmentation. Do not forget to apply sunscreen as well to achieve a better result to have a fairer, healthier and youthful skin.

What's in your mind now? Is Crystal Clear Skin Clarity Cream something you would be interested in? If you would like to buy it, you can do so right now. It is available in Singapore, purchase your Crystal Clear products and begin your skin transformation journey.